Employee Experience

Human Capital

Maximize returns on your investment by gaining a better understanding of the economic value in your human capital and ensuring your workforce is finely tuned to continually improve its production capability. With our blend of expertise in human resources, business transformation, and operational management we are able to provide expertise in assessing and maximising the impacts organisational employee experience investments.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is a growing area of focus and concern for both managers and employees. Recent events have provided a transformational change in the approach to flexible working for many organisations. The focus on the impact of flexible working is growing in earnest as organisations seek to understand what the medium and long term impacts will be on their businesses. TransformationIQ can work with you to find the optimal, mutually beneficial, flexible working arrangements for your business. We have an in-depth knowledge of and experience in flexible working arrangements, including having undertaken our own primary research on finding mutually effective flexible working arrangements.