Jeff Hart
Management Consultant

Senior executive with experience in Organisational Strategy, Data & Insights, Sales & Channel Development and Business Process, let Jeff bring his expertise to your business.

Jeff is a highly experienced senior executive with more than 20 years delivering commercially focused and customer driven strategies. Jeff has an enviable record in transforming sales and customer models to increase revenue and improve customer experience.

An experienced commercial manager and business partner, Jeff has a deep understanding of generating growth through acquisitions and new channel development with expertise in commercial partnerships, joint ventures, new sales strategies and processes to deliver value.

With an acute understanding of the power of data, Jeff has a passion for assisting businesses in  establishing a data culture, utilising data as a strategic asset to drive performance and delivering analytics, business intelligence and insights capabilities. He has lead IT functions, including infrastructure and architecture design.

Jeff brings extensive experience in programme management that has seen him design and deliver major organisational transformation initiatives. Having worked extensively in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and the United Kingdom, Jeff has worked with leading New Zealand and Multi-national companies such as Eco Products Group, Bank of New Zealand, Card Management International and British Airways.