30 Apr

I was engaged by Treescape® to lead the implementation of a human resources function. Despite being a successful privately owned business, there was no formal HR function, and Treescape® was in need of addressing this to better support its managers and people. I undertook a ground-up build of the HR function that saw the development of HR strategy, a critically required sourcing strategy, with a focus on international sourcing due to skills shortages. Other initiatives were the development of organisational policies and procedures as well as a complete realignment of all roles, naming conventions and remuneration framework.

Within a period of 18 months Treescape® went from having no tangible HR presence in the organisation to “good practice” policies, structured processes and tool, standardised role naming conventions and remuneration framework. In addition I delivered a new payroll and HRIS system, complete with online recruitment, performance management and remunerations tools.

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